Aluminium Balustrades – Richmond

Aluminium Balustrades | Richmond | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Balustrade for Park House Display Suite, Richmond.

We recently fabricated and installed aluminium balustrades in a penthouse suite in Richmond, Melbourne.

The Initial Brief: Steel Balustrades

We were approached by a builder to fabricate and install angle frame balustrades in steel with glass inserts for a penthouse in Richmond, as per the architects specifications. The penthouse is a display suite for the purposes of pre sales for 500 appartments to be built in the future, at which time the penthouse suite will be demolished and new apartments will be built on the site.

Our Recommendation: Aluminium Balustrades

We modified the design so that the balustrades could be fabricated in aluminium. The aluminium balustrade has the same strength as steel, but is a lot lighter, easier to transport and can be installed by one person!

Installing The Balustrades

The following images show the balustrade nearing completion.

Balustrades Complete!

The images below show the completed job. Both builder and developer are happy with the outcome!