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Swinging Gate Melbourne

Automated Swinging Gate – Pascoe Vale

Colorbond Automated Swinging Gate This automated swinging gate project in Pascoe Vale came to us through a referral. The criteria for the project was as follows: The swinging gate must match the existing colorbond fencing Needs to be a single swinging gate that looks like a double gate Must provide as much clear space as…

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Fixing an Automated Swinging Driveway Gate

Rectification work on a Swinging Driveway Gate in Coburg, Melbourne  This automated swinging driveway gate is a job we did about 3 years ago. Due to ground movement, by Mother Nature, the existing footing had dropped by about 100mm. This resulted in an automated swinging driveway gate which wasn’t closing and was out of alignment. The…

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The Turning Sliding Gate is born – The Sidturn

Turning Sliding Gate – The Sidturn – The Evolution of A Revolutionary Gate How Did the Sidturn Come Into Being? The Sidturn came about by accident really. A client was referred to us, looking for a turning sliding gate, but no such gate was available on the market. They lacked the room for a traditional sliding gate,…

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