Fixing an Automated Swinging Driveway Gate

Fixing an Automated Swinging Driveway Gate | Melbourne | Coburg | Sidcon Fabrications

Rectification work on a Swinging Driveway Gate in Coburg, Melbourne 

This automated swinging driveway gate is a job we did about 3 years ago. Due to ground movement, by Mother Nature, the existing footing had dropped by about 100mm. This resulted in an automated swinging driveway gate which wasn't closing and was out of alignment. The existing hinges had no further adjustment available to them, so we needed a new solution.

The Sidhinge

The solution was actually pretty straight forward. We used the 'Sidhinge', developed by Sidcon Fabrications in the years since completing this job - for exactly this purpose!

A couple of hours of modification work to the gate,  and alteration to existing automation, plus about an hour of cleaning, wiping and spraying has brought this existing gate back to life!

Thanks to the 'Sidhinge' the gates are now future proof from anymore ground movement!

The customer is naturally very happy with end result!

The Automated Swinging Driveway Gate - Before

The Automated Swinging Driveway Gate - After