Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe

Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Project: Automated Floor Track Sliding Gate

Location: Templestowe

Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe

A landscaper, who has previously used our services, required an automated floor track sliding gate frame for this project in Templstowe. Our job was to fabricate and install the frame, and they would clad the gate with vertical timber battens later, so that it would blend in with the surrounding curved front fencing.

A previous project we had completed, that was very similar to this, gave us an idea to improve the look of the finished product on this job. On the previous job, timber had been screwed to the gate frame, after we'd finished our work, by other contractors. The screws were fixed from behind, which looked good from the front, but left the screw heads exposed on the back of the gate. While this was standard practise, we thought it was unsightly.

So for this project we made sure we came up with a solution that would allow the battens to be screwed from behind, but be hidden. The end result will be a cleaner and far more attractive finish. Just the way we like it!