Free Standing Verandah Frame Ivanhoe

Free Standing Verandah Frame Ivanhoe | Sidcon Fabrications

Free Standing Verandah Frame: Initial Brief

This free standing verandah frame is designed to have a glass roof. The initial request from the builder and architect was for a solid looking structure, 9mm thick hot dipped galvanised steel. The idea was for it to be welded onsite and then painted.

Our Recommendations:

We made a couple suggestions to dramatically improve the final result:

  1. Thickness: we proposed reducing the thickness of the material make it easier to work with. The dimensions remained the same, and the strength was not compromised, but the material could be man handled easier on site. This made construction easier, and allowed us to incorporate some of our other suggestions
  2. Bolted Connections: by having bolted connections rather than welds, we could mount it together on site, and this also meant we could pre galvanise and powder coat the steel for a superior finish.

The Completed Verandah Frame: