Sidturn – Turning Sliding Gate Balwyn North

Sidturn Turning Sliding Gate | Balwyn North | Sidcon

Project: The Sidturn™ - Turning Sliding Gate as Garage Door

Location: Balwyn North

Purpose: Provide a solution to a garage opening with limited height.

A new client, from Tandem Building, came to us through our website ( He had a problem on a build he was trying to solve. The issue was with an underground garage. They couldn't use either a tilt door or roller door because there wasn't enough head height for these systems to work.

When they came to us they were thinking of installing a double swing gate to cover the 5.5 metre opening. While this would work, it wasn't a great solution to us because it ate into the area immediately in front of the garage, rendering it unusable for additional parking.

We introduced them to The Sidturn™, our turning sliding gate system. His eyes lit up immediately! He'd never heard of such a system, and could see how it would be appropriate for the situation. We won the job.

So, an impossible situation became a reality, thanks to The Sidturn™ by Sidcon™! The builder is now aware of our system, so he'll know where to go when faced with this type of situation in the future.

We installed the frame today, with the automation to be completed in the new year. The cladding will be added by the builder. Our team completed the installation in 2 hours!