Sidturn Turning Sliding Gate Prahran

Turning Sliding Gate Prahran

Project: Automated Turning Sliding Gate Prahran

Purpose: Security with maximum parking space

With a property width of only 5.5. metres, and barely enough room in the driveway to park a small car, our customer needed a unique gate solution! We needed to fit a 3.4 metre sliding gate, a pedestrian access gate, and a letter box into this space.

Standard gate systems wouldn't work here, because:

  1. There isn't enough space to retract a sliding gate into
  2. Swing gates, either single or double leaf, would make the small parking space unusable.

Enter The Sidturn!

The Sidturn™ is the perfect solution for this scenario, as can be seen in the following video. The gate that turns allows for the maximum car parking space, without being restricted by the need to retract in a straight line. An elgant solution that meets all the criteria.

That's why we call The Sidturn a revolution!

Turning Sliding Gate Prahran