A Revolutionary Option for Sliding Gates System

How do you make a 4.5m domestic sliding gate fit into a 1.5m space? Sidcon Fabrications has innovated the first turning gate of its type in Australia. Watch the videos below to see how our innovative Sidturn turning sliding gate is providing options for situations that previously ruled out a sliding gate.

Not only functional, but a work of art.

Not only does the SIDTURN solve the problem with confined spaces, but it can also form part of the garden architecture. Form and function in balance!

The 'Sidturn' turning gate system is an option for narrow properties where driveway width is restricted, or where obstacles prevent traditional sliding gates. Our Sidturn sliding gates are made from two or more panels, fitted with our patented Sidhinge that allows the panel to turn down the side boundary of the property. Gates can be designed to slide open like our standard automatic sliding gates.

A great solution for:

  • Narrow properties that previously couldn't have traditional automatic sliding gates
  • Areas where standard automatic gate retraction is impeded or prevented by obstacles (eg, water tanks, water and gas meters, etc)