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Lego Turning Gate Prototype | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Building a Turning Gate Prototype with Lego

Project: Lego Turning Gate Purpose: Prototype Gate Concept Our first Sidturn turning gate prototype was a full scale model, made in steel. While this process was necessary in the early days of design and development, it’s an expensive and time consuming way to prototype. Recently we had an issue we needed to resolve for a project. … Read more

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Greenvale Aluminium Screening | Knotwood | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Greenvale Aluminium Screening – Knotwood

Project: Knotwood Aluminium Screening Builder: Nostra Homes A new client, Nostra Homes, approached us to complete the final part of their town houses with timber looking Aluminium screening. The end result speaks for itself, and you can see why Sidcon™ will avoid using timber for the future. Knotwood Aluminium is lighter, guaranteed for 15 years against peeling, fading … Read more

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Malvern Sidturn | Pre Installation Test | Turning Gate | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Malvern Sidturn – Turning Sliding Gate

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln It’s an old cliche, but true nonetheless. And in this case prior planning meant a smooth result. With limited space to use any type of gate … Read more

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Sidturn Turning Sliding Gate | Balwyn North | Sidcon

Sidturn – Turning Sliding Gate Balwyn North

Project: The Sidturn™ – Turning Sliding Gate as Garage Door Location: Balwyn North Purpose: Provide a solution to a garage opening with limited height. A new client, from Tandem Building, came to us through our website (www.sidconfabrictions.com.au). He had a problem on a build he was trying to solve. The issue was with an underground garage. They couldn’t … Read more

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Turning Sliding Gate Prahran

Sidturn Turning Sliding Gate Prahran

Project: Automated Turning Sliding Gate Prahran Purpose: Security with maximum parking space With a property width of only 5.5. metres, and barely enough room in the driveway to park a small car, our customer needed a unique gate solution! We needed to fit a 3.4 metre sliding gate, a pedestrian access gate, and a letter box into … Read more

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Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe

Project: Automated Floor Track Sliding Gate Location: Templestowe Floor Track Sliding Gate Templestowe A landscaper, who has previously used our services, required an automated floor track sliding gate frame for this project in Templstowe. Our job was to fabricate and install the frame, and they would clad the gate with vertical timber battens later, so … Read more

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Automated Sliding Gate Cranbourne | Ambulance Victoria | Sidcon Fabrications

Automated Sliding Gate Cranbourne

Project: Automated Sliding Gate Cranbourne Client: Ambulance Victoria This site in Cranbourne required an automated sliding gate for staff and ambulance access. Also needed was fencing to close off site to unauthorsed personal. The job was straight forward, but a last minute design change meant a rethink. The addition of a concrete landing and ramp meant … Read more

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Automated Sliding Gate Coburg | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Automated Sliding Gate Coburg – Secure and Stylish

Project: Automated Sliding Gate Coburg Purpose: Add Security To Property This automated sliding gate fabrication and installation came to us as a referral from Newtower. A builder required the installation of an automated driveway gate to add security to his customer’s home in Coburg. The property had been broken into twice in as many weeks. … Read more

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Automated Sliding Gate | Campbellfield | Melbourne | Sidcon Fabrications

Automated Sliding Gate: Orange Is The New Black

Project: Automated Sliding Gate with Exit Door, Campbellfield This automated sliding gate is very much on trend. Regis Consulting approached Sidcon to fabricate and install the entrance to their storage facility in Campbellfield. The components are: Automated Sliding Gate on floor tracks Exit door to allow customers to access their storage rooms Colorbond screen wall Ken … Read more

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