Sliding Driveway Gate Brighton | Sidturn Installation | Melbourne

The Sliding Driveway Gate That TURNS Into Garden Art

Sliding Driveway Gate Brighton | Sidturn Installation | Melbourne

'Sidturn' Turning Sliding Driveway Gate Installation Brighton

This beautiful Sidturn gate in Brighton is no average sliding driveway gate! When closed, it is a thing of beauty without question. With its laser cut diagonal panel design, and dark powder coat finish, it makes a big statement. But it’s on opening that this innovative sliding gate begins to perform a little magic.

Turning Gate

The first of it’s magic tricks lies in its patented turning technology. That’s right, it’s a turning gate! The Sidturn is a turning sliding gate system designed and developed in Melbourne by Sidcon Fabrications. It is unique in many ways.

A traditional sliding gate requires the gate leaf (panel) to slide in a straight line along a track, and requires a minimum of the same length as the gate opening to retract into. This is fine if you have the room.

Where there isn’t enough room for the gate leaf to retract into, a swinging gate is usually the other option available. That is, until the Sidturn was created!

In this installation, a standard sliding gate would have crossed directly in front of the pedestrian access gate. This not only creates a barrier to the pathway, but also a potential safely issue.

A swinging gate was not desirable as it makes the driveway area directly in front of the gate unusable. The Sidturn was the perfect solution!

Garden Art

The next magic trick performed by this particular Sidturn is evident when the gate is in the fully open position. The gate turns into the garden bed, creating a beautiful dividing backdrop between the driveway and the pedestrian pathway. Not matter the season it will always look stunning. The bare branches of Winter, the great leaves of Spring and Summer. and the gorgeous red leaves of Autumn will all look stunning with this piece of art creating dramatic contrast. From sliding driveway gate to garden art at the press of a button!


While this isn't the first Sidturn out there, it nonetheless has an interesting story behind it.

We knew we had something special with The Sidturn. No other gate system out there comes close to matching it for areas with restricted space. So, we approached a well known and respected  local landscape architect, Eckersley Garden Architecture, to introduce our innovative gate system. They immediately saw the opportunities this offered them and their clients.

As it happened, they had an issue on a current job that The Sidturn solved. The customer was thrilled with the prospect of having such a unique solution. So thrilled in fact that she immediately presented our master of innovation, Sid Sciulli, with a bottle of wine, even though the job hadn't even started!

Working closely with the customer, we changed the design to include laser cut art work panels to suit and complement the surrounding landscaping, and to blend in with the design theme of the house.

This lead to an opportunity to fabricate and install a pergola structure and pool fencing; more on this later. We are pleased to report that the client is extremely happy! So, I guess it's time to sit back for a moment and enjoy that bottle of wine! 🙂

The Sidturn is a quality product, with unique and patented technology. If you’re looking for a driveway gate with a difference, complete with quality workmanship and standout appeal;  insist on the best - The Sidturn.

Sidcon Fabrications - Genuine is the difference!